Ghost On A Throne

by Give Me Something Beautiful

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This album is the debut full-length of Give Me Something Beautiful; entirely self-produced, self-recorded and self-doubted at Breakglass Studios Montreal, QC.


released January 19, 2016

Give Me Something Beautiful is Matthew Hills, Etienne Dextraze-Monast, and Raphaël Pellerin.

Ghost On a Throne was written, performed, arranged, and produced by Give Me Something Beautiful, along with major contributions from the following musicians:

Mariane Bertrand – Cello on 2
Rob Helsten – Synthesizer on 4, 7, and 9
François Contin – Organ on 5
Francis Leduc-Belanger – Trumpet on 6
Chris Paul – Trombone on 6
Danielle Savage – Piano on 8
Lianne Seykora – Piano and vocals on 12, additional piano on 8
Thank you, so much, to all of you.

Engineered, Recorded, and Mixed by Matthew Hills at Breakglass Studios in Montreal, Quebec.
Mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket Mastering.

Cover-Art, and Art Direction by Cameron Tomsett.
Photography by Adrian Villagomez.

This album could not have been made without the care, support, and help of the following people:
Ludovic Alarie, John Klepko, Mark Corwin, David Wm. Smith, Jace Lasek, Virginie Tessier, André Monast. Johanne Dextraze, Judith Dextraze-Monast, Félix-Antoine Dextraze-Monast, Louise Pellerin, Daniel Champagne, George Hills, Mary Lou Hills, Andrew Hills, Chris Hills, Lauren McIntosh, Shayla Chilliak, Eric Morier, and Regynald Guzman and Concordia University.

Special thanks to: Our bikes, our friends, our families, and Jaime Garcia.


all rights reserved



Give Me Something Beautiful Montréal, Québec

GIVE ME SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL makes and releases records entirely by themselves because there is simply nothing else to do in a world where the sky is owned by other people and even their mildest whims are stolen and sold back to them; they do it because nothing else makes sense and because at least then there is somewhere they can go, when everywhere else has become a psychological warzone. ... more


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Track Name: Destroy Me
Inside, there's nothing but lies stretching out like I don't know;
there's nothing I could call a home on the darkest(!) of nights(!)
And I'm harbouring crimes against the ones I've loved the most,
But all these stupid little girls could be enough to destroy me.
They could be enough to destroy me and you.
And I like the part of you that's fake 'cause its like the part of me you hate.
Could I be enough to destroy you?
Could I be enough to destroy you and me?
Track Name: Made Of Wires
My body is made of bad decisions
and the poetry of blame,
but I'm full of hope, and radio-waves,
and the silence of it all.

A part of me is made of glass;
a part of me is stone.
A part of me is made of wire
that shorts at the slightest load.

You could light this town on fire;
you could watch it burn and disappear
Track Name: Fille
I know a girl who's as pretty as you in the morning.
I know a bird who sings the same song you do as a warning;
a song without words that takes its shape from the clouds as they're forming.
I know a bird who sings the same song you do as a warning,
and I know a girl who's as pretty as you in the morning.
But she don't taste like you do.
I know a heart that beats as weakly as yours when in mourning;
an irregular thump that pumps the blood to your face before returning.
I told a lie that sounds the same as the truth in a story,
and I know a girl who's as pretty as you in the morning.
But she don't taste like you do.
Track Name: Fear And Gasoline
They got me counting bodies for the government
now my dreams all smell like petroleum
and my veins are filled with bitumen.
The money never hurt anybody but
it tends to make you dumb and over-confident
and it's that confidence that's killing us.

And little girls, what's the world want your bodies for?
We're building statues for the saviours of the parking lot
but all we got is fear and gasoline
and the summer never killed a single one of us;
it's only what we did for the fuck of it
but it's the fuck of it that always does us in.

(There's just something about it)
Track Name: Invisible Stars, Invisible Sky
I can picture your face,
the night that you died,
amid the clamour and haste
of a thousand white lies
and the ice that must have melted so slow,
in your girlfriend's sweet heart,
until it finally soaked every memory you had left--

And if there's something you weren't and you wanted to be
in the interest of truth and the science of self-loathing
the evolution took place over a night
and a moment was lost for good.

-- While all the friends that you had,
and didn't mean a thing but the passing of time
and the echo of your voice,
gathered at the foot of your bed and held out their hands
to the darkness that leapt out of the hole in your chest.

And if there's something that hurt even more than the loss,
it was knowing that the promise would never be kept.
At least while you lived, we could hold you to it,
if only just to hear how it would sound.

(Like rain!)
Track Name: Tiger Beetle
Just like the silt that rises up from the bed
and turns in water flowers (forming rivulets),
the shell of a beetle trapped inside her tiny hand
rose up to the surface like a ghost in a thrall where,
to your horror, you collapsed against the earth
where the horizon told the difference
between the strong and the bored.

She'd followed it to the water while your back was towards the door;
held open for the breeze that enters softly off the shore
at that time of day (when nothings more pressing then the heat
and the wandering of an insect beneath dirty little feet).
And years later, when the neighbours finally ask, you'll say
"All we have is all we've ever wanted back,

and oh, love!
All of us die young."
Track Name: Feeding
My fever broke and I fell out and
twenty stories down
white monsters tore up the ground beneath me
while I shivered like a child
saying love don't leave me, I am feeding,
love don't leave me now.

The part of me that loves to gamble
will hold on 'til he's dead,
when I'm money-drunk I'm always smiling,
I'm a buddhist when I'm set
and I'm the kind of winner that'll end up losing
more than what he's bet,
saying love don't leave me, I am feeding,
love don't leave me now.

There's no love that doesn't overwhelm me
but the love of god and land
and when I'm sick like this I always daydream
about the ones I've never had.
And I'm the kind of giver that'll end up taking more than he's allowed
saying love don't leave me, I am feeding,
love don't leave me now.
Track Name: Your Father, The Bombardier
You were born a photograph,
a vignette of a train-of-thought,
in silver nitrate and old stop-bath,
to your poor mother, her paper heart
soaked through with all of the blood
and tears of years of looking back.

And how your father, the bombardier,
in love with his little plane
that flew the whole of all our fears,
he took off and set you free
but not before he gave you a name
and sealed your fate, and taught you shame.

You were taught such awful lies,
(we were all taught such awful lies)
you grew up in kodachrome
and coloured by the things that you were
and held in place by what you are.
Track Name: Skin
The first time I met you,
the veins on your neck
were like lines on a map
and I fought them for purchase
(all day and all night)
with my hands on your back,
and I finally emerged,
wounded and winded,
and clenching your heart in my teeth
but the victory was brief.

The next time I saw you,
you were dressed for the dollhouse,
all skin and fine lace.
Your air permeated
with the smell of fresh laundry
and the hint of good taste.
On the tip of my tongue,
your name was the song
I'd been singing all along.

And last night you wore nothing but sweat and religion
and the smile of a sinner.
Last night I wore nothing but the boredom, precision
and good looks of a killer.

And under your skin, you are just like the dawn,
singing oh my god.
Track Name: Jailbird
My pretty jailbird sighs,
"All of us, all alone"
What a gorgeous cage we've made
"All of us, all alone"

In the violence of her eyes
we flicker once and we're gone again
we're just one clumsy memory long
"All of us, all alone"

And sometimes,
if you're a dreamer,
maybe the world's on your back
you keep searching for an answer
but it's like nobody's asked
who am I
who are you
what is the shape of my soul
what are my hands
what are these words
and who made my bones
are you in my bones
Track Name: Nothing But Dirty Minded Saints
What a beautiful skyline;
see the lights on the street
coalesce with the warmth of our defeat.
Opposites still opposed
you, in love with a myth
and me in love with the love I can't forget.

All the piety of love in the palm of my hand.

What a beautiful dream;
I rose up on the wind,
it spun me open and I finally let you go.
I awoke to the sound
of a body in motion
and the inertia of hearts finally at rest.

All the piety of love in the palm of my hand.

And OH! I hope! and OH! I hope!

For such a beautiful ending;
we screamed our names at the dawn
until they echoed off all the stupid things we'd done
in my dirty apartment, with my dirty regrets.
We were nothing but dirty minded saints.
Track Name: A Decade Wide
She came to me as the summer died, saying,
"Darling, please, just come inside!
You've got a hole in your heart a decade wide!
We better fix you up quick and give you somewhere to hide.
It looks like half your life has passed you by,
making up excuses and questioning why.
I'm running out of truth, but I'll give you this one:
you can't just escape from the things that you've done.

Some people, you can tell by the looks in their eyes,
have given up living and taken up dying.
It's maybe for the best not everyone can see it,
but if you stick around here long enough, you'll get it from me.
Half my life has passed me by,
making up excuses and questioning why.
I'm running out of truth, but I can give you this one:
you can't just escape from the things that you've done."